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Biography of Christian Sancho
Real Name: His real name is Christian Alejandro Sancho Skinzie
Date of Birth: Born on 18/4/1975
Place of Birth / Country: Argentina -.

Christian Alejandro Sancho Skinzier, better known as Christian Sancho, is an Argentine model and actor.
He was born on April 18, 1975 (33 years), in Rosario, Argentina. It started as a model but also from boy attended workshops in his hometown theaters until fame and her modeling career grew and he did emigrate to the Federal Capital.
In Buenos Aires, could reach local parade most famous brands of the moment
and that allowed him to make the leap abroad. So conquer Europe and the United States and was the face of international brands like Christian Lacroix, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Speddo, Calvin
Klein, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Christian Dior.
Acted in novels such as, The Looking for Forever, starring Paul Echarri and Nancy
Dupláa. Then he had the opportunity to follow in other important novels as:
Provócame with Chayanne and Araceli Gonzales, Rebelde Way, with Luisana Lopilato, Camila Bordonaba, Benjamín Rojas and Felipe Colombo Mexican, Cold Blood, horror miniseries Ideas del Sur, starring Dolores Fonzi and Mariano Martinez Pensioners, teen comedy of manners consists of a number of well known actors like Damien De Santo, Cecilia Dopazo,
Daniel Araoz, Carla Peterson, Marcela Kloosterboer, Agustina Cherri, Nicolas
Vazquez, Laura Oliva, Pablo Alarcon, Patricia Palmer, Alejo Ortiz, Sabrina
Walter Quiroz Carballo and others. He was also in other hits such as Floricienta,
Los Roldán, Married with Children, The Bilardo, No Code, A Cut and Emerald Necklace, no women.
At the end of 2006 was a very important proposal and not let it pass, was to
star in the novel “Father Courage” in Mexico, for the success it reconvened
for another novel that was released mid last year that was “Angel Wings of Love.”

In film also did his thing, as he participated in the film “Dangerous
Obsession “,” The Bañeros III, Almighty “and” The Superagentes, The Next Generation “.

In Theater was part of the cast of “5Gays.com” also in “The Jungle Book” by Darío Lopilato, Alejandro Paker and acrobats group actors, and a band
Live musicians.

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