Biography of Dana Plato
Real Name: Hee real name is Dana Plato
Date of Birth: Born /7/11/1964
Place of Birth / Country: Maywood, California, USA -.

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Dana Plato was a famous and remarkable actress, known for her starring role as Kimberly Drummond in the popular American television series Different Strokes. In 1983, she became pregnant and her role was canceled. She returned a year later to the 1985-1986 seasons. Because at the end of the series that launched her to global stardom, her career declined sharply, gaining after minor roles in a few low budget independent films. Also made ??history in 1992 after becoming the first actress recognized star in a video game console: Night Trap, considered the first video game that uses live actors. She died in 1999 of an overdose of Vicodin Vanadom and, at age 34.

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