Elsa Bornemann Biography

Daughter of Karl Henri Wikelm Bornemann and White Fernandez, born in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios. National Master, he received his Bachelor of Arts in the Faculty of Arts at the National University of Buenos Aires, and earned his doctorate study for degrees in medicine and in English, German, Italian, Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

During the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina, self-styled National Reorganization Process, his book “An elephant much space” was censored and became part of the list of banned authors. The same story was awarded the Honor Roll International Hans Christian Andersen Award granted by IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) for the first time an Argentine writer, to considerárselo an example of the literature of international importance.

Later, his books The Last Wizard or Disparatario Bilembambudín and were selected for the list The White Ravens, distinction awarded by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek of Munich, Germany. but among others
He has conducted numerous courses and workshops on literature both in Argentina and other countries of America, Europe and Japan. Many of his works have been reproduced in reading books for primary school in Literature manuals for different levels, and in anthologies in Argentina and abroad.

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