Jayne Mansfield’s Biography

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Vera Jayne Palmer (1933 -1967), better known as Jayne Mansfield was an American actress of stage and screen. Platinum blonde like Marilyn Monroe, Mansfield was also Playmate of Playboy magazine in February 1955, but continued to appear in the magazine over the years. He received several awards for films starring some very popular at the time. They were always crimps her hair platinum, his rotund figure and prominent bust (its measures were 102-56-89).

Her life was marked by tragedy from the beginning, her father died when she was only three years and he did curiously driving. His mother soon remarried and moved to Dallas, where the girl began to just get the acting bug and began performing in school courses.

Jayne married just 16 years and gave birth that year of a child, so what’s a little off his dream to act. It was four years later when the girl moves to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dream, followed by her complacent husband and young son.

Dressed in a look more similar to Marilyn Monroe, Jayne begins to make a name by winning beauty contests that make the blonde bombshell go seizing small roles. There was a small hole in the comedy genre, but his career had taken off from all, as directors focalizaban all interest in her physical attributes and some people cruelly described as “vulgar photocopy Monroe “.

In total, the actress was married three times and had five children. Are attributed also numerous romances, for example politicians Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy (who is also associated with Marilyn Monroe) and Elvis Presley himself.

She seemed not to find your site, the proposed films were getting worse and her love life had been continuously swaying feelings and people. His film career includes generally mediocre titles, which used their enormous lush between flirtatious silhouette form and burlesque. In this sense the films “The girl can not help it” and “A woman care” are exemplary. In the sixties his star begins to languish and Jayne Mansfield chooses to switch very mediocre movies and theatrical shows television appearances.

Mansfield is told that covered the death penalty based on attending all Hollywood parties he would open the doors, where you could rub shoulders with celebrities of the era and some friendships not advisable. It was at one of those parties where the girl met Anton LaVey, the Black Pope of Hollywood and founder of the Satanic Church. This shady character was already obsessed with the blonde before and knew Marilyn Monroe persuaded to finish getting share bed with her.

Although her career was short, Mansfield won blockbusters. In addition to his television appearances, advertising, magazines and obviously his career in theater and film, also earned large profits from his tours night clubs in North America. His figure is remembered, and over the years it has become a pop icon and one of the most powerful sex symbols in Hollywood history.

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