Biography of Miley Cyrus

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(Destiny Hope Cyrus, Nashville, Tennessee, 1992) Actress and singer. His role in the Disney Channel original series Hannah Montana has made it one of the most important phenomena of the late teens and the highest paid young artist in the world. In recent years the Disney factory has found a new vein in Real Image TV series and movies starring young handsome, friendly and good. High School Musical, the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana became media phenomena which aroused passions wherever they went and seemed to transform into gold everything he touched: films, records, merchandising … A true fever for millions of teenagers around the world that their heroes rose to the rank of television idols.

Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a famous country singer turned actor, and Leticia Tish Finley, little Miley grew up on her parents’ farm, just outside of Nashville, with her two younger siblings, Braison and Noah, and his half brother Christopher Cody, Trace and Brandi. Being a baby, laughing while his father began calling her Smiley (Smile), and soon, for both repeat, lost nicknamed “s” and stayed in Miley, the name that everybody knows and that years later decide to take forever along with Ray, in honor of his father.

Since childhood Miley, who plays guitar, piano studies and writes her own songs, and showed ways for interpretation. He made his debut in an episode of the television series Doc, which starred his father and whose credits appeared with his name, and made his first steps on the big screen to the small Ruthie incarnating in the film Big Fish (2003) by Tim Burton. But surely the big break came when, after many auditions, Disney noticed her to star in one of its future TV series.

Miley Ray Cyrus rose to fame when, in early 2006, Disney Channel premiered the television series Hannah Montana, Miley embodied in it the main character, an ordinary girl who leads a double life as a superstar of the song. The success was immediate, first in America and then the rest of the world, thanks to the many international chain. From overnight everyone knew, everyone wanted to imitate, and Miley became a fan phenomenon and an icon of a generation of teenagers.

Hannah Montana The impact of spread like wildfire: at par was increased audience, the soundtrack of the series stood at number one on the charts, and forced successive reissues. Disney decided to exploit this vein and organized Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, a tour of more than 70 concerts in which the singer and actress played both their own songs as Hannah Montana, her character in the series . The tour swept spectators and profits and resulted in a 3D documentary, which in one week of theatrical release (it was released in the spring of 2008) grossed $ 29 million. But things did not end there: every phenomenon needs its own movie, and April 10, 2009 was released in the United States and Canada, the film adaptation of the series, Hannah Montana. Film. The revenue exceeded $ 130 million.

The film hit the Spanish screens on May 8, just days after the actress was in Madrid in promotional visit and unleash the madness in the streets of the capital and on the sets of a television (an appearance captured the national share more than three million viewers). Only the first weekend 439,000 spectators watched the film, which was a collection of 2.7 million euros. And in October was released in Spain a new album, The Time of Award Lives, one of the biggest selling Christmas.

The success of Hannah Montana was no end, in 2009 the series was on the air and announced that Disney had already planned a fourth season. Meanwhile, between episode and episode, Miley took time to present the Miley To Go autobiography (March 2009) and undertake various cinematic adventures. In October he was filming the movie The Last Song (The Last Song), an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel in which she plays a rebellious teenager sent by his mother to spend the holidays with a parent they do not get along , the premiere took place in March 2010. Moreover, Disney confirmed that the actress would participate in the film version of the bestseller for teens Wings (Wings) of Aprilynne Pike Laurel playing the role of a fifteen year old girl who discovers she’s really a fairy. Miley was also finalizing the details to get on camera again, this time by the Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who starred Personal Security, a remake of The Bodyguard.

Sympathetic, energetic and fun, Miley knows that whatever he does will be considered and can influence thousands of young people, who consider a role model. Lives between Los Angeles and the family farm in Tennessee, where he escapes whenever their duties allow. Like any girl her age, has had their boyfriends, has been linked to Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, and model Justin Gaston, among others. He likes to swim in the pool, shopping, organizing parties of “pajamas” and update the program online that takes into YouTube with her friend Mandy Jiroux, Miley & Mandy Show, in which both post their own videos to the delight of fans (in less than a month over a million views), which may stop making considering that in October 2009 publicly announced its decision to close your account on Twitter, tired of what counted in the social network became news for the tabloids. The excesses of fame.

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