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Steven Seagal

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Biography of Steven Seagal


Place of Birth / Country: United States -.

He was born on April 10, 1952 in Lansing, Michigan (USA).

Steven Seagal is the son of a nurse and a teacher, was born in Michigan but grew up in California. After starting in the martial arts since childhood, Seagal moved to late 60s to Japan, where she taught English to pay for school in Aikido, Kendo, Buddhism and Zen

Also around this time he worked for the CIA running missions in Cambodia and Vietnam.

In 1975 he married the Japanese Miyako Fujitani, also a martial arts expert. In the Japanese city of Osaka led a dojo and early 80s created a martial arts school in West Hollywood. At its center was attended by important film characters like Sean Connery or Michael Ovitz, who was responsible for introducing it in Hollywood.

His first big-screen collaborations were as fight coordinator on such titles as “The Samurai Challenge” (1982) by John Frankenheimer and “Never Say Never Again” (1983) James Bond film directed by Irvin Kershner which starred his friend Connery.

In 1986 Miyako Seagal divorced to marry Adrienne La Russa. The marriage was unsuccessful and a year later married Segal actress and model Kelly LeBrock, known for the films “The Woman In Red” and “Rush Hour Woman.”

In 1988 he debuted as an actor, writer and producer with “Above The Law” (1988), directed by Andrew Davis and co-starring Pam Grier.

The film was a hit with fans of the genre of action, making the new star Seagal’s martial arts film, a status confirmed with “Hard To Kill” (1990), a film co-starring his wife, “reported by Death “(1990),” Seeking Justice “(1991) and” Siege “(1992), one of his best-known titles which was again directed by Andrew Davis.

His first film as a director was “On Deadly Ground” (1994), a film in which he also appeared Michael Caine, Joan Chen and Billy Bob Thornton.

Later he continued his violent methods of fiction, despite its Buddhist philosophy and a master in Aikido, in titles like “Executive Decision” (1996), “Exit Wounds” (2001) and “The Stranger” (2002).

In “Machete” (2010), film directed by Robert Rodriguez with the role of Danny Trejo, Seagal played a drug dealer named Rogelio Torrez.

One of the daughters had with Steven Seagal Kelly LeBrock was christened Arissa, the name of the sitter, Arissa Wolf. Interestingly, Kelly Seagal abandoned mid-90s to start a relationship with Arissa.