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Iliana Calabro

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Biography of Iliana Calabro
Real Name: His real name is Iliana Calabro
Date of Birth: Born 1/6/1966
Place of Birth / Country: Argentina -.

Iliana Calabro is a presenter, actress, comedian, star, writer and singer Argentina, daughter of the comedian Juan Carlos Calabro (1934).

Born in Buenos Aires on June 1, 1966.

Iliana started from girl to study drama at the conservatory, her first roles got them by the hand provided by his father, who made her debut in some of her shows. The program was announced to much of Argentina was the Contra that starred his father Juan Carlos Calabro (1934) and Antonio Reed (1926), where Iliana played the role of Renata, Calabró Italian sister.

After that he got into the world of theater, where she decided to put the feathers and star magazine plays without the approval of his father.

She filmed three movies.

Her singing career was visible on the reality show Singing for a Dream introduced in Argentina as Showmatch program segment hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. Along with Ricardo Rubio, were the winners of reality, thus benefiting the Municipal Hospital Eva Perón in the city of Punta Alta. This recognition was nominated for Martin Fierro Awards in the category “Revelation” despite having nearly 20 years of experience.

From there he recorded an album that while it was not a sales success served to promote the shows of the artist. The theatrical debut was made before the disc goes on sale and she says that all he does is related humor. Iliana is married to Fabian Rossi (1966), with whom he has two children: Nicholas (1995) and Stefano (1999). Now his family will make a reality show where she will be the star. Will focus on the daily life of this family of artists.

He participated in the reality Dancing with the Stars 2007 (also Showmatch) and was removed from it in the week of hip-hop and cumbia, losing the vote against Celina Rucci. Thanks to dancing playoff pipe made two days later, her dreamy Maximiliano D’Iorio returned to the contest, but accompanied by Claudia Fernández, since Iliana would not participate.

In September 2007 he made his debut as host of the Forever by [[Canal 13 (Argentina) | Channel 13], the low raiting got up shortly. A year later led Iliana’s show, by [[Magazine (TV channel) | Magazine], being raised by poor advertising offer. In 2008 the play “Le Cornu referee”, the meetings again Sofovich Gerardo, who decided to get up at five weeks the play by the lack of public. In 2009 participated again in America Magazine, in the city of Carlos Paz, being fifth in revenue. Today it has become a figure of scandal mediatica living.